About Us

Welcome to ArmedEngineer.com – the blog about freedom by geeks.

Our firearm policy section focuses on issues across the nation, though attention on a few specific states is unfortunately unavoidable.  You’ll also see a few posts related to other freedoms and policies – while the 2nd Amendment might be the most often infringed of the Bill of Rights, all are critical to our freedom.

As the name implies, I’m an engineer and thus have a bit of a tech obsession.  You’ll find some articles about consumer tech and perhaps some more focused discussion on network technologies and related professional pursuits.

Finally, I love the good free life.  There’s no better way to relax after a stressful day, night, or week at work than to enjoy a cigar and perhaps partake in some nice scotch or rum – unfortunately, two more freedoms that are all-too-often under attack.

We hope you enjoy our blog and feel welcome to participate and comment.  Guest entries are welcome – if interested, please contact us.

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